Cloud Management

Cloud Infrastructure

Our expertise spans across Microsoft Azure, S/4 Hana Cloud, Salesforce Cloud and AWS implementation among others.

Cloud Security

We help integrate new processes with existing cloud governance policies, boards and tools with defined processes and reporting.

Cloud Migration

With our migration factory model, we provide faster, cost-effective and risk-free transition with minimal business impact.

Why Use Cloud Management?

Access to Expertise

The biggest roadblock to cloud adoption is a lack of in-house expertise, according to the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud report. A managed service provider can quickly supply the expertise you need.

Cost Savings

You might be able to reduce operating costs by eliminating data center investments and the need to hire specialized in-house IT staff.

Competitive Advantage

Companies can increase speed-to-market and benefit from access to cloud-based resources that are optimized for agility, flexibility and scalability.

Increased Security

Take advantage of managed virtual environments, firewalls and traffic monitoring services for expert help protecting your network and data.

What Our Cloud Management Platform Delivers


Provision infrastructure and application resources with your choice of consumption (API, Catalog or CLI) based on pre-defined policies and permissions.

Multi-Cloud Management

Day one and day two operations across private, public and hybrid clouds using VMware and other vendors’ (AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.) technology.


Provisioning and maintenance of resources are automated through the creation of blueprints (models) that include all the components of requested services along with their relationships, including a mix of VM and container based services.

Operations Management

A unified view of health and utilization, automated performance management, accelerated capacity and planning decisions and proactive discovery of issues before they impact end-users.

Cost Management

Comprehensive reporting and analytics which improve capacity forecasting and planning while optimizing workload placement, resource acquisition and utilization.


The VMware Marketplace provides additional integrations with 3rd parties and custom applications and tools.

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