Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

We provide accurate medical transcription services with prompt TAT. Reliability, meticulous attention to client confidentiality and customization are the keys to our success. We possess skilled manpower to work on multiple specialties like operatives, emergency reports, consults, trauma care to state a few, which require a rapid turn around time. We deal with a varied TAT of 4 hours to 48 hours. We currently work for hospitals, 17 physician groups, and individual physicians. We produce more than 20 million lines per annum and are 450 people strong. Our value-added services include varied modes of delivery, 24×7 customer care and technical support, search engine, backup, and customized software in the profession


When VOS-IT thought of the medical transcription as a business, we decided to get first-hand information about the industry. We accomplished this with the help of two certified medical transcriptionists from the US, both with over 30 years of experience in the field. Training in medical science is through the services of a premier medical science and research institute. We are proud to say, our transcriptionists are in the profession

Inventory Transcription

VOS-IT has been a leading provider of inventory transcription services in India for the last 10 years. We specialize in providing all types of professional inventory transcription services. We’ve been delivering, precise, consistent, accurate inventory reports on time, in any format as per your requirement also at an extremely competitive price. We utilize highly equipped and finely honed typists enable us to provide you with the most accurate and detailed reports within a few hours or as per your required turnaround time. Our staffs are fully trained to carry out your requirements swiftly and expeditiously, providing a cohesive service with impartiality. This is unmatched in the industry. You’ll come to think of us not only as a typing service, but also a valued extension of your team. Whether you’re around the corner or across the continent, we are always standing by to assist you.

Types of Inventory Services

  • Inventory Report
  • Check-In Report
  • Check-Out Report
  • Inventory Update Service
  • Mid-Term Inspection
  • Schedule of Condition
  • Inventory Make Service

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