Talent Acquisition

VOS as a HR/Talent Acquisition Support services works with organizations of different types and industries. Our solutions are designed in such a way it not only provides candidates but also supports an organization’s “Talent Management Team” through every level of “Talent Management Process” by integrating enhanced process, tools and strategy with an exceptional equilibrium with both“ON and OFF -Shore Team”

What you get Choosing VOS

  • Our Expertise recruiters are highly specialized in their respective domain in order to ensure that not only business requirements are rightly understood but also values, experiences, talents and career goals.
  • Matching job opportunities with the right candidates/ job seekers have been a challenging and significant task which we at VOS rightly understand, plan and execute with top precision leading to more interviews.
  • We comprehend our business partners needs in no time and plunge into the hiring process with a quick TAT saving “Time and less Rework”
  • We always recite our mantra “keep the process simple and Lean, identify cost of good and poor quality, eliminate waste, enhance the process” aligned to continuous improvement resulting in “Quality Deliverables” at an affordable cost.

VOS as an RPO

Our trained recruiting consultants engage themselves right from job requirement gathering through onboarding with due diligence, making sure our partners objectives are met. The best part is our process transparency with greater scalability and performance.

VOS recruiters pay impeccable attention toward Research’s, clerical Work’s, screening, background verifications, assessments, interview’s, offer negotiation which makes us the most reliable & dependable service providers in the market. Our service’s ranges from part-time, full time and on Contract basis.

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VOS as a consultant

When your In-house recruiters don’t get the basics right or unable to meet your deadlines in a specified window of time or very little deliverables then it’s time to think of “VOS-Consultants”

The amount of experience we possess in this industry along with a proven process model enables us to identify the showstoppers and its root causein quick time, thus identifying areas of improvement, enhancing existing process through implementation of corrective measures and providing on going support.

VOS as a HR Administrative support

Research & Analysis:

We offer extensive research to generate potential candidate list (Name, Current Employer, contact, email etc.,) from different sources including Job boards based on selective criteria’s

We search resume’s those exactly fits to our company partners requirement from job boards, social communities, referrals and through automated email campaign’s.

We also help our partners in case of ad hoc research task such as “Finding the current HR director” Or “Current pay rate of any specific skill set” OR “Who host exhibition in….” etc.,

Document preparation, report generation, write up’s, analysis of talent pool in the market are some of our value adding supportservice’s. These services are totally customizable so why don’t you try pick any one of the component and “rate us”

VOS IT as a Talent Acquisition Associate

Our Talent Acquisition associates comes in handy to those who wants to entrust their recruitment-oriented task such as Job write ups, Resume search, Preliminary screening, interview scheduling, post hiring assistance etc. This model is specifically designed to help our partners focus more on intricated task’s that demands greater attention.

VOS-IT Talent acquisition associate role plays as an In-House recruiting assistant managing research activities, clerical task, data presentation, ATS management, social media networking, reports and quality assurance. This literally allows your HR Manager to have all the essentials in place spending very little time and focusing more on higher impact task.

VOS- IT for Job seekers

Our highly motivated consultants do their best to connect you with the right opportunities in the market not just as a service but to make your career goals achievable. We do thorough analyses such as Company credibility, what’s in stake and what makes your job more exciting before we put you in front of our client.

We engage with you through out your career as a consultant chipping in suggestions and advice’s as to how to develop your career plans to meet long term goals.

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